Hi all, hai saya semua. Nama saya Erwin Kerstges atau Pak Erwin

Welcome to programming class!!! We are going to use a Dutch tool to make drawings using programming.
The program is called TekenApplet (ind: MenggambarApplet)
You can start the program by clicking here.

You should know a couple of things before you can really use the TekenApplet because all the commands are in the Dutch language.
The most important are these:

Some examples will be given at the screen

Tugas 1:
First let's make a rectangle of 100 steps wide and 100 steps high.

Tugas 2:
Then: let's make a coloured rectangle (you choose the colour). You will need the Dutch words for colours: Tugas 3:
Now try to make the Indonesian Flag! Of course the red and the white part should be outlined!!!

Tugas 4:
And the Dutch flag... on an orange background (our national colour is orange).

Tugas 5:
Now experiment with some things! Try to make 10 indonesian flags on the screen (hint: use a subroutine ind subtugas)... of course your flag shouldn't be too big!!!

Tugas 6:
And now for the really really smart ones: let's make a rotating Dutch flag!

Tugas 7:
Can you find a way to make a circle?